Green World Multi-Vitamin for Children

Mothers know how hard it is to make to make a child eat healthy foods which ate the main source of vitamins and minerals.
Children need these necessary nutrients for their healthy immune system and for their physical and mental development. Unfortunately, not many kids are getting all necessary vitamins through their diet. Deficiency of those vitamins may cause retarded growth and development and even serious diseases in children.

Suitable for:

  1. All children with lack of vitamins in the body.

Key knowledge:

Vitamin deficiency in children

Vitamin A

An eye vitamin. If a child watching TV frequently prolonged time, or very often sits by computer, his/her eyes are consuming alot of vitamins A. Vitamin A deficiency may lead to poor vision, poor growth and weakened immune system.

Vitamin B

Children who eat a lot of sweets may develop deficiency of B vitamins, because these vitamins are very destroyed by sugar. B vitamins are important for well functioning of nervous system and are essential for metabolism of carbohydrates. B6, B12, folate and especially B1 vitamin are important for your child's brain and their deficiencies may lead to reduced concentration and poor memory.

Vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables are the richest vitamin C source and many kids do not get enough of this vitamin because they don't eat enough of freshly produce one, not fruits produce with chemical fertilizer. Green World has organic manure for the plant and fruit to grow naturally.
See also:
Craving for junk foods cause many kids at high risk to develop vitamin C deficiency.
Those kids who are having frequent colds or infections are most likely lacking vitamin C. Which is necessary for strong immune system. Also this vitamin is required for normal growth, wounds healing and healthy gums.

Vitamin E

Two thirds of children are not getting enough of this vitamin. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that is important in the prevention of cancer and hard disease. Lack of this vitamin in kid's diet can retard growth and induce anemia.

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